Twig Erasers

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A collection of rubber erasers in a spectrum of shapes between ordinary erasers and twigs found around the castle where the work was presented. Any technological development in human history derives from our ability to see new possibilities in things that was not used in such ways before. Despite the usefulness of this, it's becoming evident in the way we consume resources that it's also changing the environment in a way no-one thought possible. With the modern technologies available to us now, we can turn almost anything into something we can consume. But this same ability to see meaning and purpose in inanimate materials also enable us to find beauty in nature; like a painting of a landscape or a stone carved into a human form. Twig Erasers exists in the intersection of what we can do with this ability to find/use beauty in nature, and what happens when something disappears. Perhaps, like an erased pencil line, what comes after could be more considered than before.

For the exhibition Walden at Schloss Hollenegg.