Packing Blanket Scarf

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Silk scarf with digitally printed 1:1 image of a common packing blanket. The packing blankets are used to wrapped up objects in transit and is a part of auxiliary products to the vast and complex logistics industry which delivers almost everything we touch. Ubiquitous and disposable, the blanket seems to epitomise the relationship we have these many of the things that arrived on our door step through the shipping network we rely on. The silk scarf, on the other hand, is one of many accessories of fashion: it originally served a practical purpose but has long been co-opted to become a statement or, indeed, an accessory that exists compliment a look. Like the blanket, it wraps something inside but instead of covering and protecting, it presents something internal about its content. It’s popularity in the West grew with the establishment of the Silk Road, the first recognised trade route connecting the East to the West.