Diffuse Screen

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Our daily life is made possible by complex shipping processes and logistics. It's something we know exists but not necessarily understand how it works. Products appear on our door steps as if by magic, out of thin air. Diffuse Screen is based on two principles from the history of shipping; corrugated steel shipping containers and dazzle camouflage patterns.
Among other things, the invention of container shipping in the 1950's changed the movement of commodities and the distance products travel to reach us. The corrugated steel walls of shipping containers is symbolic of this technology, which creates light yet strong structure apt for shipping making the whole system physically possible (or financially viable). Dazzle camouflage was first deployed during WWI by the British Navy and is the precursor to the modern Army camouflage. It was applied to merchant vessels in order to disguise the speed and direction of their travel, making it difficult for enemy submarines to strike them. Like the journey of the things we see around us, it lets us see something in plain site, yet stops us from fully comprehending its nature.

For the exhibiton XYZ at Etage Projects.